About ABC International

CEO's Message:

Across different business divisions of ABC International, one thing common is our simple philosophy - to innovate efficiently, cost-effectively and flexibly in order to supply evolving products to ever-changing markets. Partnering with ABC International Limited helps you to attain these goals effectively.

We analyze your needs carefully to determine the right product for your requirements. In the highly competitive market, the product is likely to be put on the shop shelf with many other similar competing items. As a result, it is necessary to identify and differentiate the product as unique according to its brand image. Therefore, our aim is not only to provide the packaging solution which should replicate the brand image, but to produce a quality packaging, which enables brands to create a strong and detailed reference.

On the larger note, we not only provide a right product but a future-ready solution in which your perceived market challenges are met and transcended.

Our goal is to become a pioneer in the packaging industry in terms of quality and service.

Arif Pardesi
ABC International Limited

Shrink Sleeves

A sleeve provides the ideal platform for creating an eye-catching and appealing effect at the point of sale...

Other Products

  • - Self Adhesive Labels
  • - Wrap Around Label
  • - Flexible Packaging

  • Facilities

  • - High Quality Print
  • - Suitable and Cost Effective for Huge Quantities
  • - 8 Color printing
  • Other Facilities

  • - High Quality Slitting facility
  • - Die Punching/Box Cutting
  • - Window Patching