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Sleeves offer all-round added value
The sleeve is a versatile seal guarantee and can provide a hygiene/first-opening guarantee or shatter protection. The packaging and its contents are effectively protected and any tampering with the seal on the packaging is immediately evident. Various sleeve shapes with different perforation solutions allow the sleeve to be easily removed and completely detached from the packaging upon opening.

Printed seal sleeves can be used as additional information or advertising carriers.

Multipack Sleeves

More value - less packaging

The action - packed combination of advertising and sales promotion at POS
Sleeve solutions for many types of promotions.

Multipacks can be attractively designed with a printed sleeve and offer additional space for promotion. There are various sleeve designs to provide the optimal solution for different types of multipacks.

Multipacks and Kombi packs are amongst the most successful forms of sales promotion at POS, since they convey the sense of visible and tangible added value. Until now, their implementation was usually only achievable with the use of expensive packaging solutions. Thanks to innovative ABC sleeve technology, such promotions can now be achieved simply and without limitations with regard to product form.

The possibilities for use are almost unlimited. Discount promotions with multi-unit packages, the incorporation of giveaways, product samples, refill packages, pack enclosure information or the implementation of cross promotions.

Multipack Sleeves combine cost-effective advantages with functional packaging solutions and large surfaces to increase communication opportunities

Added value thanks to flexible use

Sleeves allow other functionalities, including a seal guarantee or shatter protection, to be
integrated and hence often offer multiple use.

A variety of sleeve materials and finishing technologies offer a wide range of options for
effective decoration of various products made from plastic, glass or metal.
Thanks to its shape-hugging, shrink-on application onto the product, a sleeve can protect
packaging components during transport, assume a shatter protection function or be used
as an indicator in a technical application.

Whether special printing inks or effects, experiments in our laboratories or for
developments that will be jointly implemented with our customers, ABC is the partner for
you if you want to take on new challenges.

Moreover, besides the familiar decorative function, information and security-related elements, including barcodes, 2D codes, color marking and UV elements for presence detection, can also be seamlessly integrated.

Shrink Sleeves

A sleeve provides the ideal platform for creating an eye-catching and appealing effect at the point of sale...

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