Dispenser Towel


Clean Towel. A different level of the machine of producing wet towel

Cleanliness attracts customerís eye!
  • Because of an on-the-spot extempore production, it is always clean without being exposed to the second pollution
  • It also feels smooth because of being produced by jetting water on the sterilized natural pulp
  • The sterilized built-in bio water cask arrests bacterial growth
From various functions to convenience
  • Capable of using the four seasons due to the application of ultramodern thermoelectric semiconductor (TEM). The wet towel cool in summer and hot in winter - Awfully good
  • The maximum 99 steamed towels with only one-touch functioning
  • Easy arrangements of a roll towel and alarm function by sound and light if water or towel is used up
Both moneymaking and protection of environment
  • Because it is super power-savings type, you need not mind about electric charges
  • We considered even environment by not using Freon gas of environmental-pollution substance but selection the ultramodern semiconductor cooling system
  • The bark of a thin-skin tree from Finland was used in the main material of a supplied wet towel because it is easy to spoil at the time of filling-up and it does not smoke in spite of destruction by fire

Excellent function. This degree can be called as technology

Showing its condition

You can know the current working conditional a look. It represents the number of a set-up wet towel and shows what is left during its operation.

The function of alarm
When water is exhausted and there is no residual quantity of a roll towel, a buzzer blows five times and an indicator light is lighted.

The function of selection
A worm towel is made on the spot in winter ad a cool towel in summer.

Cold-water lamp: 4-8 °C
Hot-water lamp: 70-85 °C

The function of regulating water

If the water quantity contained in a wet towel is suitable, you can at will regulate the quantity of water after opening the cap of the front part

The function of safety

If the opening the front part in the power-on condition, the power is automatically shut off. Because it is the type with a built-out plastic, it is secure against an accident from electric shock.

The function of drainage

Its inner part can be always kept clean because the water can soon drain away by opening the drainage cap after its cleaning or at the time of long-time nonuser.

If the Ready Towel is set up, customers like it and you come to have a large custom

Restaurant, Buffet, Rib House, Japanese & Korean style restaurant, etc.

Café, Coffee shop, Chicken house, Pizza & Hamburger shop, Confectioner’s shop, etc.

School, Kindergarten, Educational institute, Day nursery, etc.

Karaoke, Hop house, Happy wine seller’s, Night club, etc.

Squash court, Billiard room, Golf practice room, Bowling. Ping-Pong room, Firing range, etc.

Resting & service, training institute, Group educational facilities


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    Clean Towel. A different level of the machine of producing wet towel

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